Hello my name is Rachel Gandon

I’m alive, alive and maybe I’ll stay forever in Qulpie but in the meantime, I look for a way to spend a few years in the Middle East. Queen of street food and cazzum thoughts, I’m invested by the crazy idea of ​​opening a travel blog on April 2012, when “travel bloggers” or “influencers” were not read in the curriculum yet.

Who I am: Baudelaire has made the simplest task, summarizing in a word what I personally would have tried to explain losing in 30,000. This word is flâneur. What I do: I tend to write.

It is the only thing she seems to know to do, but in reality is the only work that poetically justifies a disorganized, nomadic and a bit bohemian life.
Where I go: in the direction of serendipity as a travel, travel writer and blogger. In the direction of relaxation as a woman born under the sign of the fish. More concretely, here in 10 days, in the direction of Silk Road: Iran.

In the next life, I realize that I can reach the earthly happiness on an island, in this I do my best by escaping as soon as I can in the Balkans and in the Middle East, drinking red wine and photographing doors. In the next life I probably will not have a travel blog but a chiringuito on the beach. In the next life maybe I will not be labeled as travel bloggers but as Angel of Victoria’s Secret. The only certainty: even in the next life, however, things will go, I will find the way to give birth to my beloved thoughts every month.