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Our pick of the latest home innovations, solutions and stuff you never understood you required SMALL SPACE LIVING

Go for storage with sliding doors

Barely have an area to move into your bedroom, however, have lots of clothes that need a home? Try a wardrobe with a moving door. This piece from The Cotswold Company includes a rail on one side, together with five drawers and a half-height wardrobe above with detachable racks, so you can fit in a lot of clothing without feeling packed into your room.

Shop your loo rolls more stylishly

We enjoy the unwinded design of these hemp baskets, and they have space to hold several rolls. Just hang one from a hook on the wall.

Fit a bedside table in the tightest gap

Improve your sleeping area with this wall shelf, which maximises space beneath for slippers or a stack of books.


Source: kbbark.com

Squeeze in a slimline bar cart

Squirrel away gin and mixers in this neat little number, which can be tucked into.

a corner, then wheeled out in time for cocktails.

Invest in a bed with surprise storage

If you love a wood bed but require additional storage, consider Loaf’s gorgeous Kanoodle bed. Available in double, king and super king, the bed is made from solid ash and features a rather clever fold-down storage flap in the base where you can keep all your extra bedding, out-of-season clothes, future Christmas presents. Whatever!

Build your bespoke solution (without investing a fortune).

Develop your shelving unit with the super-clever modular variety from Morfus. Made from interlocking FSC birch plywood, you can select the width and height of shelves, even adding doors, drawers or boxes in as much as nine colourways and a range of sizes. All parts come with a 10-year assurance.

Discover a home for a slim locker.

Under the stairs, in the energy or office, teens’ spaces these thin metal lockers have a wide variety of usages. Plus, they’re readily available in 6 tones so that you can add a splash of colour, too. Inside, there’s a removable rail and four adjustable shelves.

Love this two-in-one light and side table.

This original floor lamp includes two racks at just the ideal height to hold your cup of tea, book and the remote control (along with some smart devices, obvs). Perfect for a tight corner! Online only.

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